This week brings me to spring break.  I am on spring break from my classes that I am taking and my children are also on break.  This brings me to a dillemma.


Well, the answer is simple.  I am going to find fun things to do around town that cost little to no money.  This family is trying to adjust to the higher gas prices, since my husband has a long commute each day.  Here is my list of fun things to do with the kids.

1. Go to the zoo.
     We have a zoo membership, so this doesn't cost any money.  It also gets us out of the house and     we get to experience a little something out of the ordinary.

2. Go to the library.  
     Our library has puzzles and games that we can do there.  They also leave coloring pages out on a table, so the children can have fun doing an activity.

3.  Go to an indoor playground
     I have a buy one get one free admission to our local playground for kids.  This is an indoor playground that for one admission, the kids can play for as long as we want.  I usually reserve this activity for a day that it rains.

These are my picks for spring break this year.  I am only off three days with the kids and I want to have fun.  Usually, we take a trip to an indoor water park and stay for the week.  This year we are staying home.  To create a vacation experience, we are doing the tourist type activities in our own neighborhood.  My daughter loves to read.  This is why I decided to add a trip to the library.

Post a comment about what you will be doing this Spring Break.


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  1. I like your list. I have a similar one! Nice blog.