Block Two

With the holidays I was very behind in the layer cake quilt along sponsored by Moose on the porch quilts.  I am supposed to be starting block five this week, but only finishing block two.  Thankfully, I will have time this weekend to finish up the rest of the blocks. 

I am very new to quilting.  I really have never made a quilt andI probably need to take some classes to really learn how to quilt.  It is not perfect.  I have trouble matching my triangles when I quilt.  This block came out a little different than what I had wanted.  I messed up when I cut the pieces, and didn't cut the right amount of fabrics.  Since I only have the layer cake fabric to use, and I have sworn off spending any more money on fabrics for a while, I had to work with the mistakes I made.  I think the block came out okay.  It is  a little small, so I may put a border on this block.  I really am glad I started this quilt along.  It is forcing me to work on something I may not ever had done before. 

The quilt I am making is very colorful.  It is going to help me beat the winter doldrums.  Here in Iowa it is very snowy and cold, although it is supposed to warm up today to 40 degrees. 


Challenge for 2011--$1 per person per day

Okay...Today I decided to take a challenge that Jan at cjpattersonontheranch has joined in on.  The concept is simple, feed your family for just $1 a day.  That's right.  $1.00 per person per day.  The proposal is that if you make a menu and buy only loss leaders at the grocery store, then you should be able to accomplish this.  I am a bit skeptical, but I will try. 

As a mom and student, I am trying to live as debt free as possible.  Over the last year, I have really looked at the grocery budget.  We spend about $600 on average each month.  Trust me that is one large amount.  I must say though, I have not shopped much this month.  I have tried to build my stockpile over the last year.  The last half of the year, I have seen my grocery bill shrink.  I have totally eaten from my stockpile this month.  Feels great to have a month of grocery savings and be able to use this on Christmas shopping.

I have found with a little planning, we can accomplish about anything we can set our minds to.  My family is no exception.  I will be taking next week to work on my meals in my freezer.  My daughter has a very rigorous dance schedule and I am gone two nights out of the week.  this leads to a very sketchy plan for dinner most nights.  Due to necessity,  We need to stop the eating out those two nights.  With a little planning, I am sure we can do this.  If anyone wants to join me in this venture, leave a comment.  I may need encouragement a few weeks into this.  Good Luck to all who have taken on this challenge.  Now I will be off to plan some meals before my Christmas gets too hectic.