New Experiment

In March we decided to buy our first 1/4 of a cow.  So, I have had soup bones staring at me each time I open the freezer door.  These were waiting for it to become cold, so that I could make a big fresh batch of stock and soup.  I had never tried beef stock and to tell the truth it was a little overwhelming to me.  I have made my own chicken stock and it is so wonderfully good that I wanted to try beef also. 

This experiment started on Thurs. for me and turned into a project that I will most likely repeat more this winter.  I made the best batch of beef stock ever imagined.  It has the best flavor and my "picky" daughter ate two bowls of the soup I made and asked for more for her lunch.  I am very blessed that I will experiment in the kitchen.  Never had I imagined that my cooking would end up saving me money.  It is a HAZARD ladies because now my husband will not go out to eat.  He says that my cooking is better than anything he can have out.  Here are my recipes for my simple beef stew and beef barley soup.

Beef Stock
2 lbs beef bones with meat attached
2 bay leaves
frest thyme to your liking

Season the beef bones with salt and pepper.  Place celery, carrot, and oinion in pan and sweat veggies.  I chopped all my veggies, but you could keep whole if wanted.  I then heated the oven to 450 degrees.  and roasted all this for 45 minutes.  After the roasting process, I put the bones and veggies in a stock pot along with the bay leaves and thyme.  I then filled the stock pot with water and simmered for 6 hours.  This made my house smell so great!!

I then strained the broth and took out all the bits of veggies.  I put in a bowl in the refrigerator and cooled so that I could skim the little fat that was there.  Now it was ready to use for soup.

Beef Barley Soup

3 carrots sliced
3 celery stalks chopped
1 onion  chopped
1 lb. beef for soup cut into little pieces
1 can 18 oz. stewed tomatoes
beef stock to fill stock pot, about 8 cups
1 cup barley
bay leave and thyme to taste

I start my soup by placing carrots, celery, and onion into the stock pot and cooking the veggies.  I then place the beef into the pan and brown on all sides.  I then add the tomatoes and fill the pot with stock.  There you have a very basic beef soup.  I let this simmer all day and about an hour before you want to serve the soup, add the barley.  There you have the "best" soup according to my family.  I hope everyone enjoys this great flavorful soup!!


Poor Man's Carnitas

I am on a mission to not grocery shop too much through the holidays.  I know that I will have to go to the store for baking needs and the Holiday meals, but what about our daily food?  I have vowed to make due with what I have on hand.  I will be buying perishable items and using my pantry more and more.  Isn't that what its for?  Well here is the recipe that I had this evening.  A concoction I made up from having leftovers from a pork roast cooked in the crock pot earlier this week.

Poor Man's Carnitas

2 cups leftover cooked and shredded pork shoulder
1 onion sliced
1 package chicken taco seasoning mix
1 tablespoon orange juice concentrate
1/2 cup salsa
Condiments of your choice:  Cheese, sour cream etc.
Corn Tortillas

 Heat a skillet to medium heat.  Cook onions until translucent.  Add the pork saute until pork is a little crispy and brown in color.  Add orange juice and simmer.  Add taco seasoning and water called for on package.  Place pork in tortilla and top with salsa and condiments.  Yummo!!!!

30 day giving challenge

30-Day Giving Challenge

I am joining in on the fun for the 30 day giving challenge. Sponsored by Kingdom First Mom. I hope to make a difference this holiday season.  I am trying to not spend much money also in this challenge.  I hope to clear out clutter from my home and put these items to good use.  Join me along the way.   Maybe we will learn some things about ourselves.

Pantry Challenge

Today I realized that the holiday's are upon us.  No matter how hard we want to believe they aren't coming, they are and soon.  Since it is only a month until Thanksgiving, I am starting a challenge to only eat food from my pantry the next month.  I will continue to grocery shop, but only for the sale items I will need for the holiday's.  I will also be buying eggs, milk, and a few other perishable items. 

I need to plan my future meals for the month this weekend, and I will post my monthly menu here on Sunday!! Now off to make some beef broth from some bones from a cow we purchased.


Iowa State Fair 2011 Challenge

Okay...I did it...I have taken on the ultimate challenge.  I am committing to entering at least a few entries into the 2011 Iowa State Fair.  I have entered the last few years and had to take this last year off due to changes in my family life and a new job.  How is a busy mom of 2 going to accomplish this?  Well we will just have to find out won't we.  Fall is upon us and this is a great time to make some pies.  First on my list is to figure out how to make time in my life to work on this project.  I will have pictures soon!!!  To join in the state fair challenge check out http://iowastatefairchallenge.blogspot.com/!!  I hope you will join us!!!!