Iowa State Fair 2011 Challenge

Okay...I did it...I have taken on the ultimate challenge.  I am committing to entering at least a few entries into the 2011 Iowa State Fair.  I have entered the last few years and had to take this last year off due to changes in my family life and a new job.  How is a busy mom of 2 going to accomplish this?  Well we will just have to find out won't we.  Fall is upon us and this is a great time to make some pies.  First on my list is to figure out how to make time in my life to work on this project.  I will have pictures soon!!!  To join in the state fair challenge check out http://iowastatefairchallenge.blogspot.com/!!  I hope you will join us!!!!

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  1. Thank you for visiting the farm! I love Iowa too, and was last there with my kiddos in 2001 (Kalona) with a friend and her four kiddos. Beautiful!