Pantry Challenge

Today I realized that the holiday's are upon us.  No matter how hard we want to believe they aren't coming, they are and soon.  Since it is only a month until Thanksgiving, I am starting a challenge to only eat food from my pantry the next month.  I will continue to grocery shop, but only for the sale items I will need for the holiday's.  I will also be buying eggs, milk, and a few other perishable items. 

I need to plan my future meals for the month this weekend, and I will post my monthly menu here on Sunday!! Now off to make some beef broth from some bones from a cow we purchased.


  1. Hmmm- sounds like a great challenge! My husband and I are taking inventory of the freezers this weekend before getting a 1/3 of beef and I just cleaned out cupboards so would be good to plan using what we have on hand. I usually only plan a week at a time but with holidays coming a month would be good.

  2. We just ordered a 1/2 of beef, so I want to make sure I have enough room. My freezer tends to become overfilled once I start my holiday baking. Which is creeping ever so close.