Dollar a Day Challenge Report Day Three

Today marks the third day to this wonderful challenge.  I want to let you know that this challenge has started with a wonderful bang.  For the past few days my family has been sick with the wonderful stomach virus that is plaguing the area.  Of course my wonderful children started this bug in our house. 

To stay faithful to this challenge, I set out making a large pot of Chicken Soup (recipe will follow).  The cost for the chicken was $3.40.  I also used onion, celery and carrots that cost around $1.00 for all.  I used water for the base of the soup.  This soup simmered on the stove all day New Year's Day.  It smelled wonderful.  I made a few noodles before I served it and this fed us for the past two nights.  I figure the cost for dinner was about $2.00 each night.  That left $3.00 for the other meals.  We had cereal for breakfast and sandwiches for lunch.  I am fairly certain we have stayed under budget for the past few days. 

I am happy to say that this goal seems to be attainable.  Now I am off to find a recipe for today.  My daughter wants cavatelli.  Will this come in under budget?  I am not sure.  I am certain that this recipe will feed us for a couple of meals, so that helps figure in my cost.  I also have to tackle the grocery store today.  I will post a menu later today.