How to eat at a Dance Competition Frugally

My daughter is on her competition dance team.  This year we are doing three different dances.  Dance competition days can be long.  Tomorrow we are looking at around a 13 hour day.  These days need healthy snacks. I am the team mom for our group.  I am the one who always has the snacks, bandaids, and can fix all the mishaps. 

I have looked the last few weeks for items to take with us to dance competition.  Most items I have found on sale.  I try to take our own food.  Here is my menu for the weekend

Trader Joes granola cereal $2.49
granola bars  $1.99

Snack for Morning:
Trail mix $1.89
grapes $2.00
Yogurt $.25

Ham and Cheese Sandwich  $2.00

Apple with almond butter $1.00

Probably take out food 

This is my menu plan for the weekend.  I feel that it is necessary to eat healthy and not partake in the food that is sold at these events.  A family can easily spend over $100 on food for one day.  Talk about blowing the budget.

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