Gas Prices

Topic for today:  Gas Prices

I feel like the gas prices the past few weeks are getting almost too high for this family.  These prices have made me look at the different parts of my budget.  What is a frugal girl to do?  Well, I will be taking the next few Tuesdays to look at the rising price of gas and how to combat this increase that is likely to stay.

This past week I did the obvious.  I cut out satellite TV.  We were already subscribers to netflix so, I now have this streaming to my tv's and the kids have most of the same shows they can watch.  Now they can do this on their own schedule, not the TV's.  Getting rid of easy TV as I call it was the best thing that has happened to my family.  I did not realize how much we were watching and now all the forgotten toys are getting played with. 

Other items I am looking at are:  Cell phones vs. landline phone.  Electricity and gas useage.    Etc.  My husband has a long commute each day and the gas prices are taking their toll. 

Frugal Tuesday Tip of the week:  No more satellite TV.  This is saving my budget about $100.00/month.

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