$30 in 30 days--Update

Well the last two months have definitely gotten away from me.  January brought many illnesses to my family.  We ate many pots of soup this month.  I managed to cut my grocery spending by $200.00 in the month of January.  This was a HUGE milestone for me.  February has also come and gone.  February brought crisis to my family.  My grandma who was 86 passed away from a major stroke.  The past two weeks have been spent in hospice by her side remembering the good memories.  Since I was not at home much the last few weeks.  I have went over budget in February, but March started out well.  I am truly eating out of my freezer and will try to give weekly updates this month on how I am cutting my grocery costs.

I am also trying to cut household costs.  This week we have taken the plunge and canceled the satellite tv.  I could not understand spending $100.00 a month on TV.  I will also update on how the kids are handling this.  So far it has gone well.  They are playing with toys that have been forgotten over the last few months. 

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