Weekend To Do List

I have a rare three day weekend, and I am planning on getting my house whipped into shape.  I plan to take time for myself a little this weekend also.  This past week was very busy in my house.  I finished up my last week of my summer semester, and my daughter started her first week back to school. 

After a whole summer of fun and deadlines for my classes, my house has been overlooked.  So, this weekend is house shape up weekend.  I am going to find all the projects that need to be done and do them. 

Saturday:  1. laundry
                 2. vacuum
                 3. clean blinds
                 4. mop kitchen floor

Sunday:  1. work on sewing projects
               2. clean bathrooms
Monday:  Look around house and find some items to donate or place into a garage sale on Friday.

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