Girls Night Out

Last Night, I went Out with some wonderful fun friends.  We went to a fun restaurant called Americana in downtown Des Moines.  It was a good time and wonderful food.  If you have the time I definitely would check it out!

Here is what I had on the menu:

Ravioli Americano

13House Ricotta herb raviolis

                                                                  Roasted criminis

                                                                  Oyster mushrooms

                                               Smoked & spiced tomato cream sauce

                                                                   Shaved Parmesan

And for Dessert:

Bacon Brownie Sundae with some kind of wonderful delicious Ice Cream. 

I can't even describe this dish.  It was so wonderful! I am looking for a recipe to try so that I can recreate these brownies. 

This was definitely a great girls night out!  And a great before school starts splurge for mom.  I have a great group of foodie friends who love to get together to talk.  What more could a girl want.

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