Weekend Plans

I am joining in the weekend planning blog hop with My happy house this weekend.  In my house it is the weekend before school starts and I am starting to feel overwhelmed.  All school supplies are bought.  My children have a new outfit for the first day, but what am I forgetting?

The Snacks

1.    Ugh!!  The afterschool snacks.  My children are used to healthy home baked snacks for their afterschool treats.  Usually afterschool we have to scoot right off to practice for dance or another sport.  Usually, we are out until dinnertime.  This means we must have good snacks in the meantime.  So, for the weekend ahead I am going to bake a few different must have snacks. 

2.   I also have high hopes to organize the toy area in our house and pull out the toys that are not played with anymore and donate these to a worthy cause. 

That is what is in store for my wonderful Saturday!

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