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This week the true reality hit me..a bit late for a New Year's Resolution, but somewhere over the last few years I have become FAT!  Not just FAT, but OBESE.  Yes, just like many American's.  I never lost the weight from my babies, and just kept packing on the pounds.

I had a physical and my blood pressure was creeping into the high range.  My mom has just been diagnosed with lung cancer and the prognosis is not going to be good.  I am now under more stress than ever before and decided to make some life changes to become healthy in my mind, body, and spirit.  I have adjusted my menus and am starting to change the way my family eats.

 I also joined the Y.  I feel so out of place in a gym.  I have not been in one in about 15 years.  Now, this may be part of the problem.  I am following the babystep method of change by changing items monthly. 

I am taking advantage of my wellness program at my work and now I have been exercising for the past week.  I feel great and have a lot of motivation.  I am going to be weighing in with all my readers weekly.  This week I have lost 3 pounds.  Yeah for me!  I am now a whopping 183 lbs.  I am hopeful that I will lose at least 30 lbs. by July because we have a large trip we are taking.  Keep tuned in for my progress. 
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  1. Good for you. Being healthy is the most important thing. I know exactly where you're coming from. I'm also fat...there I admitted it out in public. I was put on shots for type 2 diabetes in October and have lost 9 pounds since then. Actually, I lost 11, but gained 2 back over the holidays. I'm rooting for you (and me too!) to be healthier and smaller.