I spent my Sunday in the Amana Colonies and found some Easter eggs. I had both my children with me and we happened upon egg dyeing.  For those who don't know, the Amana Colonies are a German heritage colony that is all about communal living.  Each and every person is expected to do a job to better the community.  There is something peaceful for me about this type of community.  I was in need to escape all the rigors of my life and breathe a bit.  I had to travel to Davenport and on the way back home to Des Moines, I made a detour and it was the best thing I have done.  This will definitely be somewhere to come at Easter.

The eggs are colored using a glue/dye mixture.  The glue is the same glue that is used in the furniture making and the dye used to be from the woolen mill, but I believe now the dye is made from food paste coloring.  Very beautiful and a great addition to my easter decorating.

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  1. Great job! Happy Easter in advance too. Saw you at http://www.cyberconnect.ning.com, newest follower and i hope you come visit me back.