A Great New Freebie Site I found!!! Check this out!

I love freebies!  I love opening my mailbox to find something in it to try.  That is why I love Julie’s Freebies. 

Julie’s Freebies is a new site that has a lot of great freebies and deals.  I don’t always like freebie sites, but this one has some great new foods to try on it.  Being the frugal person that I am, I love to try out new products.  By trying out new products, I am able to find those that I love. 

I love finding free samples like this one here .  When getting free samples in the mail, usually the company will also send a coupon with it.  Coupons are one way I buy groceries.  I wait for a great sale and then use my coupon.  Many times I am able to buy items I wouldn’t otherwise buy for much cheaper than without the coupon.  Sometimes, I can even get the item free.  Don’t we all love to get something free?

Please check out http://www.juliesfreebies.com and try one of her great offers today!

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