Frugal Vacation

So some may ask, "how do you do a vacation on a budget?"

My first answer to this would be to PLAN.  Maybe not an itinerary, but plan where to stay.  I tend to look up places to stay on the internet.  I can get great deals by booking ahead.  I look at reviews of the hotel online and try to get good value and price.  My hotel stay for three nights is under $200.00 all by finding a great rate on the internet.  Some of the internet deals do charge your credit card at the time of making the reservation.  These deals may save you hundreds of dollars if you are patient and can find a good deal. 

I also take food along with me on my trips.  The hotel we are staying at has a refrigerator in our room, so I am taking along sandwich meat and fixins and also some healthy snacks.  This will keep me from going to the nearest McDonalds to suffice a craving.  If I have the food in my room, then I am more likely to eat healthy.  The plan for my weekend is to only eat out for dinners if needed.  I have a list made of the restaurants I want to try if we have time. 

I also have found a list of parks and recreational offerings for the time period we will be visiting.  Many communities have a great list of free things to do.  Some of these are historical sights, so you end up learning something on your trip also.  I love to travel and have found that many of the greatest sights are found by searching out opportunities. 

What are your ideas for a frugal vacation?  I am always up for a new idea or two!!  Leave a comment if you want to add your frugal idea.

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