Thrifty Thursday--Frugal Tips for Frugal Living

Here is a list of a few ideas to increase your frugal living knowledge.  All may not be for you, but may come in handy sometimes.  I try to live like my grandparents lived, because I know they lived through hard times and lessons learned are lessons lived. 

1. My grandmother whisked a crushed saltine with every egg for scrambled eggs. It makes a nice fluffy and tasty scrambled egg as well as increasing the portion.

2. She saved turkey and chicken bones for making broth and or gravy. When she made chicken or veal cutlets she would take and mix the breadcrumbs, flour and egg left over from the coating and fry it with the cutlets. We loved the bread crumb pancakes.

3. I save chicken broth and gravy in plastic bags in the freezer . My friend freezes chicken broth in ice cube trays and then places them in plastic bags for easy use.

4. Bacon grease can be saved in refrigerator for cooking potato hash browns or eggs. and add a nice flavor.

5. Chop up leftover onions or celery and freeze for future soups, or meals requiring some.

6. You can refrigerate or freeze leftover coffee for iced coffee or for making coffee kolattas

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