Prom Time

Prom Dress I repurposed this year!!  Made a young woman feel beautiful!!!
Well, I decided to take my sewing to a new level this year.  I had a request to make a hunters camoflauge dress for prom.  At first, I was a bit nervous about this.  I had never designed anything.  Hmm.  What to do.

I looked for inspiration on the net.  Saw that prices were over $400 for these types of dresses.  My high school friend did not have this kind of money.  Especially with gas prices the way they are.  She brought me a dress she had worn for winter formal, and asked if I could do anything with it to make it look like the dress she was wishing for. 

This is the dress before!!!

I took apart the bodice and took off all the beads!!!! Then, I reconstructed the bodice.

Here is what it looked like after:

Simply stunning.  She was asked to model all night for her friends.  That is what you get for having a custom made dress at prom. 

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  1. Cool dress! Just stopping by and following from the hop. I also wanted to invite you to link up with my Wordless Wednesday hop. http://hisperfectpromises.blogspot.com/2011/04/wordless-wednesdays-adelaide.html