Frugal Tip of the Week

I am in love.  Yes, that's right, I am in love.  I am an avid reader, and I recently purchased a NOOK ereader.  I weighed both the pros and cons of all the ereaders on the market and NOOK won.  I am a busy mom.  I take my daughter to and from dance four nights out of the week.  I work outside my home.  I am a student.  The list goes on and on. 

Well, I decided that to limit my trips to the library, I would purchase a NOOK.  My local library allows three ebook downloads at a time.  Many books I would like to read are in this program.  I built a wish list of about thirty books this afternoon.  These will keep me reading for many months.  I also love the convenience of having many different books with me at one time. 

Disclaimer:  Barnes and Noble did not compensate me in any way to write this review. 

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