Menu Plan Monday 4/4

This week, I am not really sure what meals to plan for.  My in-laws are coming on Wednesday, and my mother in law called to say she has dinners made up she is bringing with her.  I am not sure if I should be happy or scared.  I am used to using lots of spices and her food is rather bland.  I am appreciative though and will not turn down help.  So my menu for the week is:

Monday:  Veggie Beef Soup Crock pot

Tuesday:  Leftovers

Wednesday:  Taco's

Thursday:  Lasagna (Mother in law making)

Friday:  Fish

Sat:  On your own
I will be at a dance competition with my dear daughter all day on Saturday!!  Probably will eat out this day.  See my post on how I eat frugally at a dance competition.

Sun:  Manwiches (Mother in law making)

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