Menu Plan Monday Week of August 13

The beginning of this week and I am reflecting on many different things.  I am the mom of a fourth grader (Where did the time go?), I am graduating with my BSN in nursing (Not done just beginning my Masters in January), tomorrow I begin a new job with more money, and my mom was admitted back into the hospital and she lives 3 hours away.  I am feeling a bit overwhelmed, but I can do it.  I have felt this way for the past few weeks and it seems to just keep getting worse.  I focused a bit today and came up with a meal plan.  It's easy, but still home cooked. 

Monday: Tater tot casserole (I keep putting this on, but something comes up and it never gets made)

Tuesday: Chicken grilled with veggies and fruit

Wednesday: Pepper steak Crockpot

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: Dinner with friends (I GRADUATE)

Saturday:  Not sure may be going out of town otherwise it will be feta stuffed chicken breasts

Sunday: Tacos Pin It

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