White Chocolate Toffee Cream Pie

Today, my recipe is a classic ice box pie.  I love these pies when entertaining a large crowd.  In the midwest where I live, you can even set them outside to chill because the weather is cold.  I hope you enjoy this lovely twist on a classic icebox pie.

White Chocolate Toffee Cream Pie
(adapted from foodily.com)

9 inch single pie crust


8 oz cream cheese, softened

1/4 cup heavy whipping cream

1  tsp pecan extract

1 (12 oz) package white chocolate chips, melted and cooled

3/4 cup ground toasted pecans

3/4 cup toffee baking bits

3/4 cup heavy whipping cream, whipped

In a large mixing bowl, combine cream cheese and 1/4 cup heaving whipping cream with an electric mixer at high speed until smooth. Beat in chocolate and extract. With a wooden spoon fold in pecans and toffee bits. Gently fold in whipped cream. Turn into pie crust and smooth top of pie. Chill pie until set, about 45 minutes to an hour.


1 1/2 cup heavy whipping cream

1/4 cup sifted powdered sugar

1 tsp pecan extract

Large rosette tip

Pastry bag

1/4 cup ground toasted pecans

1/4 cup toffee baking bits

Toasted pecans bits, dipped in chocolate, optional, recipe follows

In a medium mixing bowl, combine the first three ingredients and beat with an electric mixer until stiff. Spread  mixture over top of pie. Combine nuts and toffee bits in a small bowl. Sprinkle them evenly over center of pie. Chill until ready to serve.

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