What is this white stuff?

Well I woke up to this scene this morning!!

Yes, it is definitely November in Iowa..What a great surprise on my day off.  It is very wet and slushy and not going to last too long.  I love winter and the snow.  I like to focus my energy into my house and on the craft projects that get neglected all year long.  I also tend to bake more and more great treats.  It also puts me in a Holiday mood!

This year starting the week after Thanksgiving, I am going to host a winter treat week.  All in time to get us ready for Christmas.  If there is a recipe you would like to see featured, Email me at:  frugal cooking corner and I will feature your recipe.  I will make and review each recipe I am sent.  I will also be featuring some of my own treats.  Looking forward to seeing you soon. 

As always comments are wonderful!

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