UnHappy New Year

Well I was having a great day until I started to drive my car today.  I had wrench lights and fail safe mode engage the week before Christmas and took it in on Christmas Day for it to be diagnosed as a low battery and fuel filter needing changed.  I authorized the fix and took it home.  Low and behold last Friday the light came on two more times and took it back to the dealer and they stated the computer needed to be reprogrammed.  Ok.  I then took it on a four hour road trip this past weekend.  So far so good.  Well, today it happened again.  Back to the dealer it will go tomorrow???  My only prayer is that it is not the transmission.  I really do not want to buy a new car.  It is my husband's turn and he needs a new vehicle more than me.  I have the nice car that was supposed to have held up.   UGH!!!!!!!!!        

This is one Murphy I don't want to have to deal with.....  Hopefully, the new year will begin to look up soon!!  Thank goodness we have $7000 in savings with about $1300 more to add to it this week.  Looks like I need to find some things to sell soon!


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