Menu Plan Monday

Here is the first in hopefully many posts for the menu plan. Hopefully this will help many become successful at planning a menu. It is a frugal way to stay on a budget. I found out that menu planning has become an essential way to live for my life. I started menu planning about a year ago when my eldest child started school. I was not going to be a mom who had drive through meals every night. I vowed that we would have home cooked meals as best as we could while having dance classes after school many nights a week. We are a typical busy family and while I am not perfect, menu planning has allowed me some flexibility in the realm of "what am I going to make tonight?"

Monday Blt-Grilled Zucchini (Meet the teacher night at school)
Tuesday Spaghetti salad and garlic bread
Wednesday Leftovers (First day of school)
Thursday Grilled Pork tenderloin and potato salad
Friday Manwiches and french fries and fresh corn
Saturday Leftovers (Unless I get creative)
Sunday Roast chicken and various garden veggies

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  1. That all sounds delicious - and welcome to menu planning, it's great! I started a couple of months ago and am loving it. You should check out springpad's weekly meal planner, it's a great way to organize all of your menus and recipes (like this one, yum! http://bit.ly/3D6top) and I think you'd really like it.