Just a few thoughts

I have rounded out the state fair competition with 2 blue ribbon's, 1 red, and 2 white ribbons. Not bad considering I only put 5 pies into competition and all 5 recieved ribbons.

I was looking at all my saved recipes and contemplating my next move on the food scene. I have vowed to try all the recipes I have saved over the last few years. It is a sort of cleaning out all the files. I will post each recipe as I try them with reviews. Most of these posts will be dinner meals. There are a few dessert and pie recipes mixed in. A lot of the recipes will be crock pot related.

I decided that I would try all these recipes instead of buying any new cook books. This being a frugal tip and I am always trying to save some money. I will start this later today with my meal that I will cook this evening. Chicken Caprese pasta. I will be using up my bounty of tomatoes with this meal. Recipe to follow.

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