The week ahead and meal plan

This week is going to be a long busy boring week for myself.  I have many goals for the week ahead and somehow I have to fit all of them in between work and school.  UGH!  I really will be glad when I am able to think again. 

Goals for the week:
exercise 6 times this week (taking the kids to the pool is exercise if I walk in the water the whole time they are playing). 

Make all dinners at home this week.  I succeeded in this last week and would really like to do it again

Stop unexpected trips to the grocery store.

Get my papers written before the due dates

Make American Girl Doll Clothes to sell

WHEW!!  A busy week for sure!

Menu Plan for the week ahead:

Monday:  Sloppy joes and fruit kabobs

Tuesday: Mushroom Beef roast

Wednesday: Chicken Pot pie

Thursday: leftovers

Friday:  (Not Sure) Have a benefit to attend

Saturday: Homemade pizza night

Sunday:  Lemon chicken
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