In full bloom

Spring is in full bloom around here. I love roses and have three rose bushes. I have this wonderfull purple heirloom rose bush that I love. It smells so wonderful. The scent wafts into my house when I have the windows open. So, when buying a rose bush I spend $15.99. This is a large price, but when you buy roses in the store you spend at least that. Let's take a look at the photo. There are about 50 buds on this plant. I think that is well over my money's worth. I also cut some an placed in a vase on my kitchen table. I am not much of a flower arranger, but I love to have fresh cut flowers. I just don't like paying for them in the store. That is why I have a garden of beautiful flowers I can cut and bring into the house.

Lesson for today: You don't have to go broke when wanting to have lovely items in your house.

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