Car problems YUCK!!!

This week has left me feeling drained.  I have been dealing with car dealership/service people since Dec. 24th.  That is when the transmission light on my car came on the car lost power and the headache began.  On Christmas eve I took the car in to get the problem diagnosed.  Well they decided I needed a new battery and a fuel filter $450 later and a few days and the lights came on again.  Well back to the dealership we go, they decided the car didn't get reprogrammed the right way and therefore, they would reprogram the car and off I was again.  I went on a road trip last weekend with this car 4 hours from home with two children in subzero temps.  It lasted until New Year's day and when I was pulling into the garage the light came on again.

This brings me to the saga of this week.  Wed. morning we took the car back in and asked if it could possibly be the transmission (since this is the meaning of the light in question).  Well a bit later in the day the diagnosis was some part was shorting out within the transmission and the part would need to come from Missouri to Iowa before my car could be fixed.  Well, said part should have been here Thursday and currently it still isn't here.  Supposedly it was lost by UPS.  Apparently they are overnighting this part again tonight, but I have little faith my car is going to ever be fixed.. And did I tell you the part needing fixed is going to cost me $1800.  UGH!!! I sure hope this is the problem and will definitely fix the problem.

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